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Spring 2018

‘Oxide Ghosts: The Brass Eye Tapes’ is Michael’s personal tribute to Brass Eye, the series he directed between 1995-1997. The film is made up from hundreds of hours of unseen material from his own archive, and has the blessing of both Chris Morris & Ted Maul. In 2017 Michael toured the film and Q&A show around The UK & Ireland for 60, sold out, performances.   The film will only ever be shown at live events and we are currently in discussion with venues across the country to arrange more screenings and Q&As for 2018. If you are interested in hosting such an event, please go to the contact page and get in touch. Screenings so far sheduled for this year are:


20th, Torquay. Grinagog Festival

22nd, London. Backyard Comedy Club


7th, Manchester. Texture TBC


19th, Louth. Zero Degrees Festival. TBC


7th, Portmeirion, Wales. Festival No.6

8th, Portmeirion, Wales. Festival No.6

'[Oxide Ghosts] offers a well-judged and very rare insight into [Brass Eye’s] making, encapsulating the fun and covert excitement that went on while the project was still under wraps, before all the legal wrangling kicked in. If you're an admirer of the show and the opportunity should arise for you to see Oxide Ghosts, have some self re-cocking-spect and do so without hesitation' - Chortle 

Michael’s video art, past and present, has now found a new home. Here Comes Everybody is an American experimental cable TV show, broadcasting in Los Angeles, Berkley, Portland, Seattle & Chicago. The shows can also be viewed on youtube . Look out for early Super 8 and U-Matic videotape work in episode 10 , 11, 13 , 15 , 17 , 18  19 & 20 and a more recent film in episode 12. More work will be showcased in future episodes.



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We are pleased to announce that Michael was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate from his Alma Mata, for his outstanding contribution to television & filmmaking.

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