Toast Of London/Tinseltown 2012-15 & 2022

Objective for Channel 4/BBC2

From humble beginnings as Channel 4 pilot ‘The Unspeakable Play’, Toast went on to win a loyal following as well as a British Comedy Award, the prestigious Rose d’Or (twice) and a BAFTA. 2022 saw the return of Steven Toast in Toast Of Tinseltown, also directed by Michael. Toast Of Tinseltown, along with all previous series of Toast of London, are now available on iPlayer. Michael joined cast members Matt Berry, Doon Mackichan, Harry Peacock and co-writer Arthur Mathews at the BFI & Radio Times TV Festival for ‘A Toast To Toast’. Watch a recording of the live event here.

Toast Of London . Hamm On Toast  

Toast Of London . Beauty Calls  

Toast Of London . Compilation

Toast Of London . Fool In Love

Toast Of London . Addictive Personality 

Toast Of London . Over The Moon  

Toast Of Tinseltown . On ROKU from August 2023  

Toast Of Tinseltown . Stills by Ben Meaddows 

Toast Of Tinseltown . On ROKU from August 2023